Terms of Membership

The following are the current rules concerning membership:

Serving Members

All Serving Officers, Serving Warrant Officers, Non-Commisioned Officers and Guardsmen who have completed recruit training.


  • All Officers who have formerly served in the Regiment.
  • Officers and Soldiers of other Corps or Regiments who have formerly served in the Grenadier Guards and the Regimental Band.
  • Discharged Soldiers provided they have completed their recruit training in the Regiment and have been awarded a character assessment of not less than "SATISFACTORY".

Associate Members

Members of the Association of other Regiments of the Household Division

Honorary Members

Ladies and Gentlemen who have not served in the Grenadier Guards, but who have given outstanding service to the Regiment (ie. Medical Officers, Chaplains etc) and others as described in the By-Laws for Branches, Section II, paragraph 2.

Serving Members on Leaving the Regiment

Serving Members who have completed their Colour Service will be eligable for continued membership as follows:

  • A Serving Member who has subscribed to the Days Pay Scheme for a minimum period of two years shall be given Life Membership.
  • A Serving Member who has not subscribed as in the sub-paragraph above shall be invited to take up membership in accordance with the rules in force at that time.
  • A Serving Member must have been awarded a character assessment of not less than "SATISFACTORY" to be eligable for membership under the subparas above.

Administration (WEF 1978)

  • Deeds of Covenant etc - All donations to the Central Fund of the Association, by way of Gift Aid and legacies will continue to be transacted through the Association office.
  • Member’s subscriptions, applications for membership etc - Member's subscriptions and donations to Branch funds should be sent direct to the Branch Secretary concerned. Branch Secretaries will also deal with all applications for membership, and will keep a record of the subscriptions paid by the individual members concerned. Subscriptions monies etc., will be retained in Branch funds.

General Note

The effect on individual members is that no longer will it be necessary to correspond with the General Secretary - all membership payments, queries or problems should be taken up direct with the Branch Secretary.