13, 14 & 15 Coys

13th, 14th and 15th Company

13th Company

This is the name by which the Guards Training Company at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick is known. 

14th Company

The adult training companies at the Guards Depot were once formed Regimentally e.g. 14th Company - Grenadier Guards, 13th Company - Coldstream Guards, K Company Scots Guards etc and each Company undertook the training of its recruits on a Regimental basis within the common syllabus of the Guards Depot training programme. 

Upon the formation of the Army Training Regiment, Pirbright, where Infantry soldiers from all Divisions are trained, there is now only one Household Division adult training company, Guards Company, and this is run on a multi Regimental basis. The senior Grenadier Officer at the Army Training Regiment, Pirbright is known as the Officer Commanding 14th Company and he is responsible to Regimental Headquarters for all Grenadiers (recruits and permanent staff) at the Army Training Regiment, Pirbright. 

All Grenadiers serving at the Army Training Regiment, Pirbright are still known collectively as 14th Company, Grenadier Guards, and have their own 14th Company Colour.

15th Company

15th Company comprises the Regimental Band and all staff at Regimental Headquarters. The Regimental Adjutant is the Company Commander of 15th Company.